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Marvin Dunbar
Marvin Dunbar in 'Pent Up' (Green Peaz underground portrait #1)
Digital 3D sculpture/painting, glossy archival C-print 6x7.5" / 15x19 cm, 2013
Edition 5 (+ 1AP)

Elise Tak
is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. In her art she blends day-to-day reality with cinematographic fiction. She uses the imagery of film and popular culture to create a rich fictional and visionary world, while at the same time discussing contemporary, socio-political issues. It is an intricate play between reality and fiction, between life and art, because whereas in the movies, real living actors create a false existence, in Tak's work even these actors are pure fiction. Elise Tak works in both traditional and modern, digital media. Her most recent 'characters actors' are built with a revolutionary 'character creation script', the Dolly Project, developed especially for her and in collaboration with the Italian Renderking.
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Val SInestra
Aua Forta: Art Val Sinestra, Hotel Val Sinestra, Sent, Switzerland
Exhibition and Events
November 6-13, 2016 + December 24, 2016 – March 19, 2017